Lucid is the engine that powers use-cardano for everything related to the Cardano blockchain. We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it, by visiting their github repository (opens in a new tab).

If you are just looking to get on with integrate use-cardano into your project, you can skip this section for now, but chances are you will need to come back to it later.

What is Lucid?

According to Lucid themselves, Lucid is

"a library, which allows you to create Cardano transactions and off-chain code for your Plutus contracts in JavaScript, Deno and Node.js."

How do I access Lucid in use-cardano?

when using the useCardano hook, an instance of Lucid is available as the lucid property. This will be either an instance of Lucid, or if - for example - the user has not connected their wallet, undefined.

import { useCardano } from "use-cardano"
const { lucid } = useCardano()

What is Lucid used for in use-cardano?

In use-cardano, Lucid is used for all blockchain interactions, such as creating and signing transactions, interact with smart contracts, and more. We will add examples of this in the near future.

const tx = await lucid
  .mintAssets({ [unit]: 1n })
  .validTo( + 100000)